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Grilling for you since 2006


Lamb & Cumin is a new concept quick service restaurant. We respect traditions but explore the new. We aim to be fast but take our time to perfect it. We make good quality food but love a casual vibe. 


At Lamb & Cumin, we seriously love food. There is something about a timeless tradition of getting together over a delicious meal. It forms friendships, miraculously cures you from a bad day or nasty flu and awakens your senses. We get that - for us, food is an experience and we want to make it cracking great for you!

We grill meats over charcoal, well, we grill pretty much everything! We offer house-made sides (our Eggplant Stack is out of this world!). We roast all our spices in house for the amazing flavour that lots have learnt to love. We also got you covered with grill tools and supplies.

We use 100% Australian pasture-fed lamb in our namesake skewers. It’s a high quality protein - Aussie Lamb is a pure product of its pure environment. It naturally contains essential nutrients including Iron, Zinc, Omega-3 and B vitamins. Your PT would approve!

Our best-seller Lamb & Cumin Classic skewers are made with lean lamb and lamb backstrap fat for extra rich flavour and extra juiciness. Lamb fat melts during cooking, infuses the lean lamb with rich flavour, makes it extra tender and juicy, and adds a smokey flavour. Irresistible!